GOLGATHA: Tales of Transgression & Sacrifice CD Cold Meat Industry

GOLGATHA: Tales of Transgression & Sacrifice CD Cold Meat Industry

As a general rule, the majority of albums filtering through from camp Cold Meat are pretty much bang on.  CMI as a whole stands for quality.  Of course there is the odd rare moment of turgid claptrap.

Cue Golgatha; which is a pity because as stated above this looks the part perfectly.  A5 digi-pak, glossy screen printed CD, the fact it’s on Cold Meat, who never used to suffer many fools in the industry. This is a prime example of C division music that has been polished in the studio and comes out loitering around the low end of the B division.  Its ambient ritual neo folk, but it lacks depth and character.

On the plus side there is the production, which is simply perfect and I would expect no less from CMI;  but in fairness this pales into insignificance when the songs are bland, the vocals weak, and the entire disc drifts on and on forever.  Just because someone writes this style of music and you are inclined to release items in this genre does not mean that you should release everything that comes your way.

From the label that produced the mighty ‘Sophia’ and the awesome ‘Desiderii Marginis’, this just feels like a cheap cast off that tries too hard.


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