MARSEN JULES TRIO: Présence Acousmatique CD Oktaf


MARSEN JULES TRIO: Présence Acousmatique  CD Oktaf

German composer Marsen Jules has released a number of albums now and this latest output is through his own label, Oktaf.  Along with his colleagues Anwar Alam and Jan-Phillip Alam he combines roaming soundscapes whilst his partners in crime add violin and piano into the mix.

Opening up with chiming ambient textures that have a drone all of their own, it’s a pleasant introduction to his works if you have not been exposed to them before now.  As the track marginally picks up the pace, it’s more like a gentle push rather than a full on burst; and almost as if the notes themselves are waking up from a lucid dream.

There is a level of professionalism, which sets this album apart from many out there and there is a distinct impression that everyone involved in the project is classically trained.  Analogue synth blends harmoniously with gentle piano and understated violin to produce a cloud of sonic bliss that massages the senses and breathes waves of emotive chord progressions that occasionally steer from the norm.

The press release mentioned Jazz influences and whilst there is an element of this within the album it’s minimal and darker than one would expect; ‘Excalibur’ being a prime example of this with its inky black sub contexts and depth.

As a whole, this is a wonderful release.  A collection of dramatic, yet steady procession of massive sounds that have been tempered into a cohesive wash of beauty and grace; and in short, the place where Dark Ambient and commercial classical composition meet.