RENTIP: Daily Routines Ltd LP / DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Crime League


RENTIP: Daily Routines   Ltd LP / DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Crime League

For me, when having to resort to releasing digital downloads, if there is to be a limited hard copy then this is the best way to do it; vinyl wins every time in these circumstances.

Futuristic electronics are the stable source of material for this act. Movie sampling, off-key pads and straightforward beat programming make ‘The Rules of Collision’ a more than effective opening gambit; punching holes in the stratosphere at every turn whilst twisting ravages of sound hinge on complex industrialisms.

Intricate IDM scatters breaks amongst clinical rhythm patterns on the jagged edged ‘Dodecahedron Strategy’, whilst the straightforward electro of ‘Perfectly Preserved’ carries a series of tuneful pad drops throughout; it’s at this point that you see just how deep the quality and variation runs on this release.

Vocals twist and turn through warped structures on the gliding insanity that is ‘Echoes’; another favourite of mine on the album, showing another of the strings on Rentip’s bow. It’s hard to pin the act down genre speaking, as he covers a great degree of styles. Imagine a cross amalgamation of the music of FLA and Skinny Puppy (minus the vocals), filtered through an IDM cheese grater, and you would be somewhat close.

With this being such a limited release, it’s almost criminal how this act may slip through the radar. With so many less worthy acts out there getting their moment in the limelight, Rentip should be right there in the mix; as ‘Daily Routines’ is a visceral complex album that deserves recognition from every self-respecting fan of Industrial music.





Mark Spybey of Dead Voices on Air, teams up here with Tony D’Oporto of Gnomes of Kush to create a strange and alluring dilution of sounds, combining soundtrack elements, darker ambience and weird electronic sub textures.

There is a haze over ‘Three’, almost as if you are listening to the album behind a frosted glass filter, watching a series of untold events as shapes that move around; and you can’t quite picture just exactly what is going on.

It would be easy to term a lot of this album as merely nonsensical. There is some argument to that, but there is also a purpose; as the strange squelches and breathing warped noises are the glue tipped claws that grab the disengaged pads in both hands and provide a bridge from one to another, like a musical string of DNA.

It’s no surprise that a lot of ‘Three’ leans more in DVOA territory. I am unaccustomed to the works of Gnomes… but can immediately hear the impact in minor ways throughout this release as brief sparkles of harmony, splicing up the bleak ambient noise.

There is nothing ground breaking here, but then it doesn’t need to be; as one of those albums that is worth listening to when you have heard everything else. There is a lot to enjoy and soak up if you take away the fact that much of this has been played out by others before.


DISPLACER: Curse of the Black Lotus Ltd CDep / DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Crime League


DISPLACER: Curse of the Black Lotus   Ltd CDep / DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Crime League

As is the way of reviewing, sometimes you get your hands on a release that came before the bands latest works you have already reviewed; but no less great that this has been sent to review and complete your collection.

I have always been a fan of the works of Michael Morton and ‘Curse…’ fills a space between the wonderful ‘Foundation’ and ‘House of the Dying Sun’, the latter produced with Nimon and both released on the mighty Hymen label.

As a missing jigsaw piece, this EP would be misplaced as the one with all four corners that doesn’t quite slot in; and it’s no surprise that Morton has chosen just to release some other work that differs from the albums that sit either side of it, forever keeping listeners guessing.

With a blistering array of electronics that resonate a warm hum, coupled with erratic beat work and gloriously emphatic pads, from opener ‘Black Lotus’ with some excellent re-worked versions of new tracks and a Monstrum Sepsis mix to boot.

As an ever-evolving project that’s constantly on the move, re-shaping and re-working its image, Displacer keeps his personal story ever relevant, with modern day electronica that’s as cool as it comes. I hate to spout the word ‘hip’, but this is; and not in the sad way you see fashion victims sporting T-Shirts of bands they have never heard of, either.