DIRK GEIGER: Dreams Die Quietly CD Raumklang Music

DIRK GEIGER: Dreams Die Quietly     CD   Raumklang Music

A surprising twist in approach here and an ultimately darker one with Geiger drawing on murky ambient as the bedrock to his latest release and as a lover of all that is Dark Ambient, this is a welcome listen personally as well.

Solitary Morse like bleeps echo through the ether, lighter pads are kept to a ghostly minimum; and the rhythms when they come, approach with a hypnotic tribalism.  All the key ingredients for someone approaching a genre; not so much as becoming fully enveloped, but as to dip their toe in, so to speak.  It’s this loitering at the precipice of the pit, that makes this album work more than if they had launched themselves completely into the depths of the genre with complete abandon; and provides an ultimately different perspective on the proceedings.

Long time fans of Geiger will most likely understand and appreciate this shift in timbre more than the casual listener; fully able to acknowledge the concept behind this latest opus.  On the flip side of the chart, blue blood DA enthusiasts will still be able to enjoy the lighter aspects this album provides, respectively speaking; even if some of Dirk’s other output may be anathema to them.  On both sides of the coin then, it appears Geiger has his bases covered; and I found this a refreshing album to indulge my senses with.


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