[BASEMENTGRRR]: [HURT] CD Raumklang Music

[BASEMENTGRRR]: [HURT]   CD Raumklang Music

The fundamentals of this third album from Ralf Gatzen are on point.  Cinematic electronics and key attention to vocalisations give ‘[HURT]’ a form of gravitas I haven’t encountered before with this project; and the opening gambit, ‘Rituals’ is a prime example of everything Ralf can do well when he is focussed.

Momentary flashes of brilliance creep in throughout this album, which does have a more progressive approach to it than previous output.  Consistency is less of an issue here, as for the most part there appears to be more of a concept at play; and that gives the album a rigid core, where the fundamentals are stronger overall.

I am still not a fan of the drum sounds utilised on [basementgrrr] as a whole; and more work could have been done in this area.  It’s fair to say that some of the better tracks on here would have sounded colossal if he had given them some more thought (or indeed if it had just been ambient).

Overall, this is the best album I have heard from this project yet.  Just a little more work on approach and sound sources, could provide an end result that is nothing short of monumental.


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