[BASEMENTGRRR]: Destroy Everything CD Raumklang Music

[BASEMENTGRRR]: Destroy Everything   CD  Raumklang Music

I have always found [basementgrrr] to be a bit of an oddity musically speaking (let alone the name), where the lines between genres are clearly evident and don’t make comfortable bedfellows, due to the nature of styles colliding.

On ‘Destroy Everything’, there is clear evidence of this approach once again, where songs display an uncomfortable duality.  Not quite Industrial, not exactly electronica, with undercurrents of Power Electronics structurally in the loosest sense of the terminology.  However, credit has to be given in the progression stakes; where songs such as ‘Aeon’ delve into Prog Rock territory, without any other outside influence to cause a wobble on the path the track takes.  It is clearly evident then, that [basementgrrr] can pick a specific genre when he chooses; and ultimately stick to it.

There is as much about this project that I like as much as I find uneasy to digest.  I always find myself torn between momentary flashes of brilliance and a quagmire of sounds that don’t seem to gel; and this album epitomises that experience no less than some of my earlier encounters.


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