ACCESS TO ARASKA / ERODE / DIRK GEIGER: Reports From the Abyss CD Raumklang Music

ACCESS TO ARASKA / ERODE / DIRK GEIGER: Reports From the Abyss     CD   Raumklang Music

Combining their talents and working collectively as one band, was always going to raise questions as to what the output would be when placing these three individual acts together as a whole; and the results are somewhat surprising given the IDM nature of at least two of these artists, to say the least.

The opening and title track harks back to an era of early electro Industrial with layered vocals and synths that are as dense as they come.  The rhythms have a skittish and stilted nature to them, altogether offbeat; and an indicator of the difference between the three minds that have come together as one.

As expected there are melodies aplenty on display here, alongside variation into other areas of electronic music (that are more akin to their individual projects) running as an undercurrent and foundation, altering the standard Haujobb-esque motions that dance over the top of them; and thus making for an ultimately unique and enjoyable experience overall.

The latter half of the album contains remixes from other acts and provide an altogether expected but no less engrossing experience; with the likes of Displacer and Lights Out Asia drawing on their own strengths, which do ultimately have their individual footnotes firmly stamped all over them.  I would have liked more output from the three main protagonists than drawing on mixes to complete the album; but the overall listening experience doesn’t suffer either way for it.

As a whole, ‘Reports From The Abyss’ has a multitude of facets that should appeal to listeners of genres that collectively huddle under the same umbrella.


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