HALO MANASH: Haudattujen Valvoja CD Aural Hypnox

HALO MANASH: Haudattujen Valvoja    CD   Aural Hypnox

Another album in the “Sublunar” series of Halo Manash’s prolific output; exploring the nether regions of ritual ambience and pitch black persona, which appears to be their overall forte full-stop.

Creeping and desolate, there isn’t that much to differ between releases; and this groups ethos seems to be that if it aint broken then why try fix it; either that or they have reached the pinnacle of their limitations.

Layering is as clean as always with the mob giving each area of instrumentation and sound the required space to breathe; and this is done with a heavy death rattle of throbbing bass, that shudders along through the mists of forests and caves accompanied by dripping water and ranged sonic interruption.

To dig too deep into the albums of Halo Manash would inevitably draw more on the concept and spiritualism as a whole that blanket all their releases.  Musically speaking, where one album ends, another picks up the candle; proceeding through their endless caverns of gloom, donned in the heavy cloak of pure misery.  It’s engaging stuff as always, but I just wish they would step out towards the light a little (even if from afar) to provide a different perspective.


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