HALO MANASH: Elemental Live Forms MMV-Initiation CD Aural Hypnox

HALO MANASH: Elemental Live Forms MMV-Initiation     CD Aural Hypnox

First things first, the packaging on this album is splendid.  Housed in a screen-printed cardboard cover, the CD is accompanied by an eight-page booklet alongside eight postcard inserts in a stamped envelope, ultimately feeling quality; and value for money.

Comprising of nine previously unreleased movements, presented only once as a live ritual; this was the first ever performance of Halo Manash in Finland 2005.  Overall, this feels less restrained than their ‘studio’ work and ultimately feels oiled and relaxed, with a greater degree of actual musicality; coming forth no doubt from the live instrumentation factor.

Intensity shifts throughout the proceedings, which ebb and flow nicely; and I am sure this would have produced a greater effect on any listener should they have been in attendance that night; as they get swept away into the hypnotic flow that permeates the output.

Given the drive that this act portray across all their works, it has to be admired that this performance doesn’t feel improvised in any shape or form; and that in itself has to be commended, given the nature of the songs they construct.

I am not a great lover of live albums as a whole, if truth-be-told.  Unless the listener was in attendance then I rarely see the point in obtaining the recording. However, these are the only recordings of this ritual expression, so there is validity and worth in keeping the collection complete if you’re an avid fan.


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