ARKTAU EOS: Mirrorion CD Aural Hypnox

ARKTAU EOS: Mirrorion    CD   Aural Hypnox

Being devoid of electric instrumentation gives this album a distinct analogue feel; but then a lot of Aural Hypnox’s roster approaches their Dark Ambient in this manner.  Given the title and the artwork (especially the limited version), there is a feeling of light breaking through the dark clouds that are spewed forth from the bowels of this act; and it is refreshing to feel this as short bursts of a frost-tinged breeze, with maybe a hint of the coming of Winter.

Seventeen tracks come in at just over an hour, so this is definitely one for the patient; but then, the audience this is aimed at should have this in abundance.  The ritualism comes as a subtle nod to the arcane; and the undercurrent of chimes and vibrations of sound work well in applying this thematically, without force. Indeed, it all feels vey natural and understated.

As stated, this is a lengthy affair; and I feel this album would have benefitted from shortening its time span into two parts for the overall effect.  However, whilst this may in part feel overworked because of the endurance factor, there is a lot on here that is a pleasure to digest; and indeed some genuine musicality, which came as a surprise.  Occasional acoustic instrumentation drags this album away from the Aural Hypnox ethos somewhat; and treads water where many a Cold Meat Industry artist wades (which is of course, no bad thing at all).


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