ARKTAU EOS: Catacomb Resonator LP/CD/MC Aural Hypnox

ARKTAU EOS: Catacomb Resonator     LP/CD/MC   Aural Hypnox

From an oversized CD wallet to the LP/MC/CD boxed set, Aural Hypnox really are making waves with their output now; and all are gloriously hand printed and customised as well.

The album itself is one long 37-minute track (broken up for vinyl with extra tracks on the cassette); and is minimalistic in its reverberated approach to the genre, which is for the most part, quietly ominous.

‘Catacomb Resonator’ comes across as one long sonic movement as such; and requires the volume turning up a notch to fully appreciate what is at play here.  Sparse and desolate, there is a definitive flow that goes into rise and fall over its duration.

Whilst driving an ultimately different approach to previous work, there is much to become engrossed in here, even if it just falls short of previous output in the variation scheme of things; feeling much more akin to traditional Dark Ambient and lacking a touch of imagination because of it.

Overall though, this is a decent slab of DA and should be sought out if you are a follower of the genre as a whole; and my misgivings are only highlighted because of previous releases, which I would suggest you also listen to and compare.


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