AEOGA Obsidian Outlander LP/CD Aural Hypnox

AEOGA Obsidian Outlander       LP/CD Aural Hypnox

The solo project of Antii Haapapuro has gained great momentum output wise, with a continuous flow of engaging Dark Ambient that grinds into motion with the gripping ‘Initiatory Boil’, teetering on ritualism with its rumbling percussive elements.

These clatters of sound make a vague appearance along the path this album treads; but subtlety is the key to this releases effectiveness and Aeoga plays to its genre hinged strengths.  Layers of drones are unexaggerated, giving life to key waves of ambience as they gently glue themselves as one.

Where space is required, Aeoga dares to hinge here, on the lightest of touches that prepare the tale to come.  It’s this attention to detail that makes this one of the better releases to come out of the Aural Hypnox stable; and one, which sits the artist along similar scales of artists from larger labels within the scene.

As usual the artwork is second to none; and the vinyl version comes in two editions (silver or gold print).  Given the format, this also tells the tale in the length of this release; which ultimately assists in the impact (and its main strength) of the album as a whole.


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