I.CORAX: From Goldem Flesh to Silverb One / Kuilu CD’s Aural Hypnox

I.CORAX: From Goldem Flesh to Silverb One / Kuilu     CD’s Aural Hypnox

‘From Goldem Flesh to Silverb One’ is a re-issue of I.Corax’s third album, which had endured a period of unavailability.  This has been credited as a live studio rehearsal, in preparation for a show in 2003.

Given the nature of how this has been cobbled together, this comes across as on as one singular experience built up from eight untitled pieces of work that join at the hip.  Mysterious drones and ritualistic Dark Ambient atmospherics interweave and meld into a pot of disorientation; whilst undercurrents of natural sounds and whispers scatter the waves like some hidden incantation.

The overall effect is quite jarring and unnerving; and I can imagine that with the appropriate visualisations, this would be quite effective in a performance environment.  In one sitting at home however, it can be a little weighty and distracting to endure end to end; as the live nature of this album does give way to a slight lack of cohesiveness.  This can of course be forgiven in equal measure and all in all this is a solid piece of work from start to finish.

‘Kuilu’ is the sister album in release terms to the former (indeed both have been released as a limited box set as well as separate items.  On this occasion this recording is taken from the bands debut live show, comprising of four tracks that span over 40 minutes in total.  Careful thought had been placed into providing a performance that starts of relatively subdued, only to rise to dramatic effect as it trudged ominously forward; culminating in a wash of Progressive Space synth sounds.

It’s interesting to note, that later work from this act provides a more visceral experience than what I experienced throughout the course of these two albums; and it appears as time moves forward, I.Corax are falling deeper down the path of madness mapped out from their inception. Scoring is based on the both albums played back to back as a whole.


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