HALO MANASH: Wesieni Wainajat CD Aural Hypnox

HALO MANASH: Wesieni Wainajat     CD Aural Hypnox

Living and breathing their music through what appears to be some form of occult knowledge/belief system, has provided Halo Manash with at least some sense of continuity and concept that drives each album as one whole organism.

‘Wesieni Wainajat’ is mainly built from organs, field recordings and other instrumentation, which I am quite unsure of.  Mysticism prevails throughout this lengthy affair, where ritualism provides the listener with music that is otherworldly and dripping in arcane sensibilities.

Neither solely producing Dark Ambient, or anything as monolithic as the guitar driven Sunn O)), they sit somewhere in between; but are no less ominous in their approach.  You can almost visualise Halo Manash conjuring this up from the bowels of a Scandinavian forest, clawing at the earth whilst beacons burn into the witching hour.

For some, this mainly Finnish act will be hard to consume as they pander to no particular crowd, whilst inviting welcome gestures from many a genre that toys with similar subject matter.  The end result; is an album of purely night driven music that oozes in atmosphere and hidden esotericism that is as engaging as it is cloaked in a web of hidden horrors.


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