LINGUA FUNGHI: Melankhton CD Aural Hypnox

LINGUA FUNGHI: Melankhton       CD  Aural Hypnox

Field recordings more often than not have received many a bad review from me over the years, where I have encountered a vast amount of pointless nonsense.  Luckily, Lingua Funghi utilise an array of acoustic instrumentation to gel the natural sound sources just as a base foundation to their work.

Drones and reverbs are the order of the day, alongside an array of tribal rhythms to create a barrage of ethereal and other worldly apparitions of sound, that for me actually work best when the drums are kept to a minimum.

Underneath everything is a bed of wire like electronics that edge towards modernised glitch; that build a spiders web for everything else to slowly drip off.  There is more than the odd smattering of Dark Ambient along the way too to fill out the mix.

This is a peculiar album that teeters on the edge of two or three lower genres under the DA umbrella.  I am less taken with the electroacoustic work on ‘Melankhton’, which comes across a little bit too much like sat at a campsite in Tibet, suffocating in a cloud of incense.

However, the key thing to remember here is that everything is performed well enough for me to brush aside my personal likes and dislikes; and I am sure there will be others who prefer this to the arcane groans and grit that are more up my street.

Overall, on a professional level, this beautifully screen printed re-issue works well for variation and structure; where the balance greatly shifts from dark to light at the drop of a hat.


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