I.CORAX: Cadaver Pulse I & II CD’s Aural Hypnox

I.CORAX: Cadaver Pulse I & II       CD’s   Aural Hypnox

Sequentially sub-titled as ‘Sealed in a Radiant Larval Maelstrom’ and ‘Mothelix Liquescent’, I have to admit it’s a daunting task at hand when approaching what is effectively, one larger album set over two discs.

As another log in Aural Hypnox’s ‘Stellar Mansion’ series; the course of these two albums take the listener on journey through experimental Dark Ambient dreamscapes of monolithic proportions.

The demands that I & II respectively ask of the listener are nothing short of ridiculous, but ultimately rewarding.  Disc one, draws on elements of Industrial tinged DA, with strains of background Power Electronics.  The end result treading the familiar pathways of a more traditional sound that we have come to expect from the genre, whilst still daring to venture into more experimental territory.

Disc two, ‘Mothelix Liquescent’ provides some respite, whilst providing its own psychedelic battle, does offer some light to the proceedings by coming across brighter; shining a welcome beacon on the exit point of the somewhat nightmarish paths trodden over the course of both albums, clocking in together as well over two hours in total.

To attempt producing such a task as these two albums provide, deserves kudos; with much of the work being recorded live (specifically disc 2).  To approach such a lengthy concept demands focus and a great deal of professionalism to the job at hand, as not to deviate from the end result.  Here, I.Corax have to be applauded for giving a sense of weight; with shifting shapes of sound, that have the ability to crush the listener to the deepest chasms, whilst launching them to the highest astral planes in equal measure; more often than not, on the same track.

Re-packaged and re-issued, this is worth picking up if you are any self-respecting fan of Dark Ambient and all its sub-avenues.  Scoring is based on the whole prospect, as this is how they both should be absorbed. Whether you can do this in one sitting or not is another issue.


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