ARKTAU EOS: Scorpion Milk CD Aural Hypnox

ARKTAU EOS: Scorpion Milk     CD   Aural Hypnox

Rather than calling themselves a ‘band’ in the traditional sense of the word, Arktau Eos refer to themselves as an “esoteric exploration unit”; which in fairness, does fit somewhat with the fruits of their labour.

This should be approached as a singular meditative release.  The album consists of just one long minimalistic track (48:04), utilising the bare bones of what appears to be acoustic instrumentation, such as bows and possibly other stringed items; culminating in a series of ranged drones.

Spatial awareness is the key and strength to the end result of ‘Scorpion Wind’.  Silence plays as much of a role as sound, in providing omnipresent glue for barely audible chants to roam the catacombs, whilst forbidden whispers are muttered in secret corners.

There is without doubt, going to be a somewhat marmite response to an album such as this, now it has been re-packaged and re-issued to a larger audience.  On one hand there isn’t a great deal to inspect or say when approaching a release such as this (such is its minimalism); yet somewhere within the realms of the void this presents, I cannot help but score this decently due to the preposterous nature it presents as music, Akin to a stripped down and less urgent, narcoleptic Sunn O))).


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