AEOGA: Temple Treye CD Aural Hypnox

AEOGA: Temple Treye     CD   Aural Hypnox

Featuring of members of ambient group Halo Manash, there was going to be (structurally at least) some form of crossover and similarities between this act and their main outlet of sound exploration.

Once again there is an undercurrent of ritualism that fits with the musicians (and indeed the labels’) modus operandi.  The main difference between the two, being that this outfits sounds ever so slightly less organic at its base ambient core; with opener ‘Feast of the Stance’ utilising some trademark horns, floating over the foundations of gritty electronic low pitched drones.

The utilisation of gongs permeate ‘Between the Crescent Hooks’, but they ultimately dissolve into what sounds like distorted guitar based feedback and light pitter-pattering rhythms that contrast well with the change of pace of the church organ led ‘Telemorphic Cuts’.

There is a lot on offer with ‘Temple Treye’ as the sound across the album changes direction on multiple occasions; and this in turn keeps the listener curiously engaged.  Off-key notes provide an aura of underlying madness from an ever-present abyss; and whilst this does provide an element of unsettlement, this in turn, does drive the overall atmosphere to great effect.


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