ROUGGE: Cordes CD/DL Rougge Production

ROUGGE: Cordes          CD/DL    Rougge Production

I had to do a bit of a double take when I received this, as France’s Rougge previously sent me an EP of the same name to review.  ‘Cordes’ the album, effectively expands on the EP with an arrangement of a further 11 ‘Fragments’ that tread a familiar path, with piano being the staple grounding rod that holds everything together.

As before, there is a sombre and melancholy tone to Rougge’s work that is hard to escape from, but is by no means less entrancing.  There is an air of obscurity that floats around the ghostly orchestral movements that sit this artist down on the fence of non-conformity; further enhanced by vocals that are ever so reminiscent of Antony & the Johnsons.

The mechanics of this album portray a pure musician who has little time for outright concept, concentrating his efforts on just playing music in its most naked form.  The track titles mean little; and you feel he wrote an array of songs numbered ‘Fragment 1’, Fragment 2 etc., and picked them out at random, for the order in which they were to flow best across the aforementioned EP and this album. Simplistically effective and well meaning, ‘Cordes’ the album, provides a pleasant break from some of the music I listen to and an appreciation of one man and his instrumentation.


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