PHILLIP MÜNCH: Greyscale CD/DL Ant-Zen

PHILLIP MÜNCH: Greyscale         CD/DL Ant-Zen

Phillip’s solo work has always culminated in a barrage of oddity and peculiarity, whilst still retaining a high essence of remaining listenable; which I assure you, is quite a task. ‘Greyscale’ though, provides a new chapter, moving on from the concepts provided with ‘Into the Absurd’ and ‘Post Elysium’; and suitably, the aesthetic follows suit.

From the somewhat ambient intro of ‘Alive!’ things really kick off with a somewhat old school electronic industrial track, in the form of ‘Mantra’; providing an engaging and full-throttle no-nonsense step back in time, genre speaking.

With the lyrics now predominantly sung in German, everything pulls on the nature of previous glories that permeated the scene way back when everything was so fresh and new; and alongside the sound sources provided, Münch hosts a truly enthralling nostalgia trip for the listener, without ever falling into the trap of sounding dated.

‘Greyscale’, for all its trading on the past, sounds as fresh and relevant as ever; and as expected, still carries enough of the madness we have come to expect from this artist as to keep it enjoyable and entertaining throughout.


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