MICHAEL IDEHALL: Prophecies of the Storm CD/DL Ant-Zen

MICHAEL IDEHALL: Prophecies of the Storm           CD/DL Ant-Zen

Electronics approaching from a sinister corner permeate the entirety of Idehall’s latest full-lengther. F rom the sparse throbs and slow paced beats overridden with rasping vocals of ‘Built Apart’, to the ambient soundtrack elements of ‘Bear Nemesis’; and the Industrial overtones of ‘In the Dark Vapour’, there is much to be gaged from sitting through this album in one sitting.

For me, ‘Prophecies of the Storm’ is one of those releases that play’s out as though it was staged in a different genre.  The structure itself feels as though it has been constructed in the same pattern as Power Electronics, but with an entirely different medium; like producing fine art, without the conventional pencil or paint palette and brush.

The overall effect works well and serves as a bridge between different aspects of musical corners that are normally far enough apart, so one does not usually engage with the other.  The end result is an engaging album that provides a gripping and sometimes horrific tale from start to finish.


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