EFF DST: Out of Body CD/DL Hymen Records

EFF DST: Out of Body       CD/DL Hymen Records

Musicality has always been at the forefront of Ant-Zen’s sister labels roster; and EFF DST fit comfortably into the mould, with Dmitry Stepnov’s electronic baby providing a web of pulsating bass, beats and harmony.

Individual soundtrack elements flow throughout this latest piece of work, first making their ultimate appearance on the title track, that throws glorious pads over arpeggiated flutters and chimes; only to better themselves on ‘Smash them all’ and the beautiful ‘Silent Reflections’.

For those that appreciate something noisier, Stepnov gladly submits with the odd break in pace and allows the odd smattering of industrialism into his work; never of course forgetting that the key to this project is the clarity of note and its effect on the ear.

Sometimes delicate, sometimes abrasive, there is much on ‘Out of Body’ to shout about; that treads a path between cold frigid technoid and heart-warming melody.  The production and programming skill on offer is of the highest standard and should also appeal to those that appreciate a technicality to their listening experience.



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