APORIE: Control DL Self-Released

APORIE: Control       DL   Self-Released

Germany’s Aporie are one of those oddities where I genuinely wonder how why he hasn’t been snapped up by a label yet.  With an array of guitar ambient, folded into a web of drones and grinds that occasionally tread the same paths as shoegazers nonchalantly do, there really is a lot to offer here, should you give it space to evolve.

Things start to pick up come the mid-way mark, where everything starts to take a turn into Post-Rock territory; and this is where it Aporie comes into his own progressively speaking, with more than a nod to Fennesz here and there ambience wise.

As far as production values go, this covers a wide range where the reverberations carry the notes and soar.  My only reservation is that it does sound a touch ‘bright’ in parts; and this is where he could maybe rein it in a little, so it doesn’t ring the ears through attrition.

As a whole, Aporie could have a bright future if he approaches the right people.  I would have been tempted to send this out to a few labels as opposed to releasing it myself if I were him; as it’s definitely hard-copy worthy.


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