THOMAS PARK: The Emissions Series DL Self-Released

THOMAS PARK: The Emissions Series      DL   Self-Released

A peculiar submission no less, but one which is trying to tackle a subject that is effecting us all.  Climate change, unbelievably has its fair share of detractors and those in denial; and it’s somewhat ridiculous that some won’t face up to the facts that have been presented to us as a destructive species, by and large.

As a series of six ‘Emissions’, Park starts of the proceedings with an instructive track informing the listener as to what they are about to be faced with.  I quite like the narrative approach, although it did catch me off guard; like I was about to watch an episode of the Twilight Zone.

Musically speaking, Thomas covers a range of layered gritty Dark Ambient , bordering on the Industrial edge as far as the mechanics of the machine like sounds are interpreted.  ‘The Emissions Series’ takes a linear path on most tracks and lets the subtle intricacies do the talking; such as interweaving scratches of sound that lightly claw at the fog that sits upon well controlled drones.

As a whole, this album provides a well-meant statement that we should all be taking note of.  It wouldn’t be so immediately evident without the aforementioned narrative, or indeed the accompanying bio; but all the same, there is some kudos to be applied here, on an album that I genuinely appreciated and enjoyed from start to finish.


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