CAUSTIC REVERIE: Ultra Vires DL Self-Released

CAUSTIC REVERIE: Ultra Vires           DL   Self-Released

Bryn Schurman’s Caustic Reverie, approach ambient from a lighter path.  This is not to be said that it doesn’t have its darker moments; but ‘Ultra Vires’ tend s to lean more to the light, with a blend of what appear to be treated field recordings, manipulated into (and alongside) drawn out drones.

The end result provides eight tracks that capitalise on space and reverberated tones that glide and fold together, giving each other just enough space to breathe.  As a whole this works well enough to provide consistency and a cohesive quality throughout; however it does tend to get a touch wrapped up in its chosen path and could use a small amount of variation to take it that one step further.

Overall, this is a decent stab at ambient that steers away from sounding over-processed and ultimately digital, as so many other albums out there; and is a steady, inoffensive listen from start to finish.


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