CHRISTIAN SKJØDT: Illumination EP 10” Vinyl/DL Tonometer

CHRISTIAN SKJØDT: Illumination   EP        10” Vinyl/DL    Tonometer

As concepts go, this couldn’t be more ‘out there’ as far as subject matter goes. ‘Illumination centralises around an 18th century wine cellar in Riga, Latvia; examining the translation of outer circumstances of the energy of the Sun as it enters the darkness of the cellar in question, translated by sound.

Installations can be quite tricky affairs, where in practise they work for an audience that is there to witness the event; and ultimately what the artist is trying to pitch them.  It can be quite a different affair on record, for a listener sitting at home; and more often than not, the experience is completely lost.  On this beautifully packed EP, the story is unfortunately, somewhat missing, albeit functional in some respect.

Musically, ‘Illumination’ has been swamped by artistic merit.  Ever so slowly overdriven drones are fine by me, but they do need to shift focus from time to time, to travel towards an endgame; and there is just a slight hiccup here, in the application as far as listening pleasure is concerned.

This is, as a whole, well meaning and there has been a great degree of thought at the core of the release.  As a collectors item it’s a fantastic ‘product’ and work of art. However, there isn’t that much on here that would drive many a repeat listen. The entire live experience of course, I am sure, would be an entirely different prospect.


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