CHRISTIAN SKJØDT: Dissolution & Suspension LP/DL Tonometer

CHRISTIAN SKJØDT: Dissolution & Suspension        LP/DL  Tonometer

Commissioned by the Danish Cultural Institute to celebrate the 150th birthday of Carl Nielsen, Christian’s latest album ‘Dissolution & Suspension’ premiered as a performance at the National Library in Riga, Latvia; alongside the Danish Cultural Institutes’ 25th Anniversary in August 2015.

Separating the unity of a string quartet, this latest release focuses on each individual channel being given its own area in which to breathe and expand; and the electronic manipulation and processes utilised, draw each element into a long stretched path of ambience and droning envelopment.

As four separate movements cut into channels of equal measure, this differs somewhat from the live installation, where stereo implementation restores the somewhat live divorce of the individual tracks; and returns them to their ultimate unified form.

Overall, ‘Dissolution & Suspension’ works in a listening environment that requires patience to soak up the array of gliding and throbbing rises in pitch and tone, that drive an adept knowledge of spatial awareness; and given the original source medium, there are individual moments on this album that are quite beautiful and ultimately rewarding.


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