ANDREAS DAVIDS: Landscapes EP 3”CD/DL Inner Demons

ANDREAS DAVIDS: Landscapes EP     3”CD/DL Inner Demons

The second three-inch instalment for Andreas Davids of Xotox fame, takes a dramatic turn in form.  Conceptually speaking, this covers environmental factors from a visual perspective turned audio; utilising beat structures over seas of ambient.

‘Landscapes’ is a hot bed of IDM rhythms and glitching patterns, pulling on the soundtrack foundations in dramatic fashion, with only one track emerging as the sole ambient song that doesn’t utilise some form of interference.  Interwoven pattern display has been carefully juxtaposed here, to keep momentum and flowing and the listener on their toes.

As a whole, this little EP is a dramatic change in form from the previous one in this series on Inner Demons (‘Grey’); and shows a multi-faceted palette of capability from Davids as a whole, with a rich a varied tapestry of sounds that pull his work away from being merely pigeonholed.

A neat, intriguing and interesting display from the man more known for destroying club dance-floors with the mighty Xotox.



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