ANDREAS DAVIDS: Die Erinnerungen Meines Vaters/Der Leere Raum EP MC/DL Self Released

ANDREAS DAVIDS: Die Erinnerungen Meines Vaters/Der Leere Raum EP     MC/DL Self Released

Another change in form and palate from Andreas Davids takes a more reflective tone in some respects, with a two-tracker dedicated to the neatly locked away past of his father.

Davids here, explores the time he ventured into the attic to look at boxes packed with photographs, old trinkets and coins and other items; and wondered why these physical memory tokens were not up for display in the house where they lived.  This is of course, a mirror into many of our own lives.  I myself have boxes of photographs and other items in my loft and never take them out, preferring to display newer moments in time more relevant to my life as it stands now.  Maybe it is easier for folk nowadays to play out their memories and footnotes on social media, but I am sure this is not relevant to an older generation.

A photograph, regardless of the good times it can evoke, can also stir up other memories; and it would be a lucky individual indeed (or possibly a liar) who states they do not have unhappy memories as well as good (although it is actually both that shape an individual and in some respects are essential).   Maybe this is why we lock away the past to stumble across another day.  Maybe it’s just a matter of space and keeping our lives fresh and new. I am sure it is different for each individual; and of course can spark curiosity in a child wanting to know more about their relations.

Either way, this is a very personal release for Andy; and it shows.  Spoken word in his native tongue produces a dramatically close involvement with the tracks themselves, where the ambient on track one merely provides an atmosphere to the story being told.  Track two is surprisingly more electronic; and in some respects reminds me of the tools utilised by GGFH musically.  Although, the music itself is not the medium here on which to concentrate, as the bravery in application providing the score.



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