MACRONOISE: Various Species EP DL Crime League

MACRONOISE: Various Species EP      DL  Crime League

Slovakian born Macronoise is another one of those neat little finds from the Toronto Based Crime League label; who have an ear for music that balances fine harmonic subtleties and odd intricacies.

With a touch of flowing melancholy pervading the entirety of this extended player, there is much to become attuned to; and this produces an emotive response, even when it descends into madness.

Live instrumentation compliments the gently eased electronics, with a nose for clarity and sharp production skills.  Touching on IDM, but with a key ear for stylistically placing notes as not to over-exert and force the issue; there is much more to Macronoise than is immediately evident.  Individual and personal spaces arise through the sound; and sometimes it’s all too easy to filter out the background noise and get lost in one harmonic moment.

Altogether, this is an impressive micro release and bodes well for any future output we may hear from this young artist. I will be watching with interest.


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