SYLVAIN CHAUVEAU & CHANT1450: Echoes of Harmony-Early Music Reworked CD/DL Sub Rosa

SYLVAIN CHAUVEAU & CHANT1450: Echoes of Harmony-Early Music Reworked      CD/DL Sub Rosa

A crossover of early ensemble based repertoire of 15th and 16th century compositions, sound designed electronically, may not spark much interest for many; but it does grab my attention.

There is something majestic about the music created here, knocking on the door of Dead Can Dance, but flirting with the sounds of Gregorian spirituality; a mysteriously hidden, yet omnipresent lore.

Easy on the ear and surprisingly un-subcultural (considering the contemporary electronic influence), this does have a touch of the major league to it, where this could be exposed to a wider classical market and they would revel in it. I could imagine this going down well in an old opera house or a sitting in grand medieval cathedral somewhere in Eastern Europe littered with candles burning at dusk.  On the flip side of the coin, this could also appeal to God botherer’s, sat at home on a Sunday afternoon lamenting their past discretions; and that’s where it becomes a tad droll.

Overall though, this is a pleasant and interesting piece of work.  I would struggle play this more than once and most likely will never again as it barely differs in experimentation throughout.  It is however, accomplished; and that’s more than can be said about a lot of releases out there.  My cat William loves it too; and nobody argues with him.


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