PALAIS IDEAL: No Signal CD/DL Dark Vinyl

PALAIS IDEAL: No Signal      CD/DL   Dark Vinyl

There’s plenty of acts around at the moment who still toy with New Wave and associated sub genre’s, many of them even come from the mainstream; with acts like Editors and White Lies being at the pinnacle of the multi-sellers.  As it happens, the former of these two sound more like a sub-standard U2 nowadays, but they’re still an influence on this lot, with regards to their earlier work.

Palais Ideal are decent enough in the music production stakes and the tunes themselves cover and merge a varying degree of influence from Clan of Xymox, Sisters and a touch of Legendary Pink Dots amongst others; and coupled with the bands polished image, you pretty much have them in a nutshell.

Overall, this is a solid affair that misses out in the originality stakes, but that’s not the issue as there’s nothing actually ‘new’ nowadays.  The guts of the problem for me are the vocals, which slide out of tune on far too many occasions, denying them that top-drawer status.  Couple the fact that when they are kept steady and in key, its only when they blurt out as a monotone Goth drone.

Overall, if you are deeply embedded into the Goth subculture, you’re gonna lap this up.  For anyone who ventures further a field but still likes New Wave, then this will still miss the mark somewhat; being too engrained in the ever fading cult from which it has come, where only the ageing big hitters still shine and the newer bands tend to suck.


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