O3: Trashumancia CD/DL Sofa Music

O3: Trashumancia         CD/DL Sofa Music

All the makings of albums I hate come to mind, when the words ‘Free Improvisation’ are uttered.  It really does set me off on bad footing before I hit the play button, as history has told me most of the stuff in this field is nothing short of bloody awful.

Again, whilst being quieter than expected, this is a rambling concoction of bells, chimes, stumbling instrumentation and percussion that endlessly fumbles and falls over with no apparent nod to any form of musical gumption.

There’s no structure, no form and most importantly, no point to this genre and I am aghast at the amount of labels that churn this stuff out year on year.  The sad thing is; occasionally you can hear a glimpse of musicianship that criminally hasn’t being capitalised on.  If I never hear another album of this ilk, it will be too soon. Life is far too short to waste on monotony such as this.


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