MIAZMA: s/t CD/DL Dark Vinyl

MIAZMA: s/t         CD/DL Dark Vinyl

This is a compilation based on tracks from three previously released albums and 4 further exclusive numbers specifically tailored for this CD.  I actually haven’t encountered much of this artist previously, but it didn’t take long to get the gist of what he is trying to achieve with the words “Any SISTERS OF MERCY fans will surely love this album!” being prominent in the press release.

I am sure any hardened European bedded in nails Goth will undoubtedly enjoy this; as much as they loved The Merry Thoughts, or Star Industry, or indeed any other Eldritch wannabe act.  Thing is, whilst all of these bands, including Miazma do have a touch of Andrew’s overtones, they have all sounded a tad tacky in their application; and only hit the mark sporadically.

There is an argument that whilst the Sisters don’t produce any more work, then there is a market for those that want to keep the old flames burning.  Unfortunately though, they only amount to the ever-dimming embers of what once was; leaving a fog as thick as Eldritch’s live shows.

Don’t get me wrong; Miazma is musically well produced and the songs have a fair bit of weight to them.  Whilst being extremely easy on the ear though, I just can’t take it that serious; and if I want to listen to music of this ilk, I will just pull out a classic vinyl of the UK’s finest, from many years ago when it truly mattered.  In fact, that’s what I may do right now and relive my youth, avoiding the second-class plagiarism.


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