DISPLACER: Missing Warriors DL Component Recordings

DISPLACER: Missing Warriors     DL Component Recordings

Once more Michael Morton passes his listeners another album, in his endlessly prolific release assault.  This time with a compilation of ambient tracks that fell by the wayside, or may have become lost amongst the many front of house, beat driven numbers that have taken prominence in his musical career.  This is not to say these tracks are any less noteworthy, but the majority of music buyers do sadly steer away more from ambient numbers.  It’s time to readdress the balance and remind them of what they’ve been missing.

From the watery subtle complexities of ‘Grey’, the soundtrack grit of ‘The Needs of the Many’, the ghostlike ‘Masterless’ to the hopeful chimes of ‘The Rescue’, Morton re-displays here a multitude of hidden gems that bedded out and glued their comparative releases together when they were fist aired.

Music such as this can be surprisingly harder to produce that your standard rhythmic affair.  Creating the correct balance of pattern and layering can be an arduous and frustrating task, but ultimately a rewarding one for the producer; and those that care to take the time to kick back and listen.  Morton has evidently sharpened these skills over the years and evidence of his prowess filters throughout the ten tracks generously given back to you the public, once again.  Take a moment to listen this time around.


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