DISPLACER: The Face You Deserve CD/DL Hymen Records

DISPLACER: The Face You Deserve       CD/DL  Hymen Records

This is the final release of the year for prolific Canadian Michael Morton; who is on a seemingly unstoppable roll right now, in the productivity stakes.

Opening up with ‘Out of Time’, a steady bass line gels the gently applied and folded beats as cold and distant pads ease their way through the cracks; setting the scene for the general approach to this latest opus.

As usual though, Morton has the knack of surprising the listener once they have bedded in for the ride; throwing the odd curveball of electronics that wade in to kick over the bins and push items off shelves, as opposed to just tearing the place up.  A gentle riot if you will, that is none more evident than on ‘No More Mr Nice Guy’ (Mike is actually a really nice guy).

The title track plays with Displacer’s trademark looping elastic band, panning electronic leads and stuttering rhythm; that sets the scene well for the beat-free analogue synth extravaganza that is ‘He Becomes the Dream’.

‘The Face You Deserve’ has a lot to live up to, given the impressive and expansive back catalogue Morton has given to the world over the years.  Once again, he has delivered an album that stands tall in his discography that touches on the past; and indeed adds some extra footnotes for the future, as a bridge for the endless possibilities to come.


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