DEDEKIND CUT: The Expanding Domain EP 12”/MC/DL Hallow Ground

DEDEKIND CUT: The Expanding Domain EP       12”/MC/DL     Hallow Ground

Subtle ambience and noise is blended here with the odd splice of Trance melodies that are haphazard and sporadically driven throughout the mix.  As much of an odd combination as these sound on paper, they are executed with a drive and vigour that engages the listener from the off.

Harmony is paramount to the efficiency of sounds that are utilised throughout ‘The Expanding Domain’.  An expansive soundtrack of emotions work well with the vocal samples and chiming chords that pad their way throughout ‘Lil Puffy Coat’, luring the listener into a false sense of security; before being ravaged by the distorted beat industrialism and stark contrast of ‘Fear in Reverse II’.

The title track rummages with PE sensibilities and is the most surprising of all the numbers on here; with a take on a genre that is like a breath of fresh air, cutting through the quagmire and stalemate that many of these artists fall into.

Ending with the resonating piano of ‘Das Expanded, untitled Riff’, coupled with orchestral pads and Orca drifting bass synth that floats into a plethora of 80’s sounds and Ambient; you can’t help but applaud an artist who toys with a multitude of genres and comes up trumps.


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