ATONALIST FEAT. GAVIN FRIDAY: Atonalism     2xLP/CD  Audiotrauma

I normally assume Audiotrauma releases to be of an Electro-Industrial nature, so was pleasantly surprised to find this album coming out of their stable; a blend of Free Jazz, stilted electronics and broken piano, with obscure vocalisations, reminiscent in part of some of the works of scene giants, Neubauten.

The introduction of Saxophone may be enough to send some people running at the mere mention of the instrument.  Personally I have a fair few albums that incorporate the format; and Atonalist utilise this well as foundation to tormented lyrics, heavy guitars and the occasional punching of old school EBM and aspects of Metal.

Incorporating a multitude of styles and genre hopping is a dangerous game.  However; ‘Atonalism’ reeks with a confidence and gusto and as such, every element sits well alongside their not so obvious partners in crime.  The end result is an album that is enjoyable, for all its oddities and split nature; and dare I say it, it feels remarkably original and refreshing to boot.


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