ANDREAS DAVIDS: Grey 3”CDr Inner Demons Records

ANDREAS DAVIDS: Grey     3”CDr      Inner Demons Records

Taking a sidestep from your main project can be a daunting task; and here Andreas Davids of the mighty Xotox fame has experimented with something devoid of beats.

This neat little two-tracker is one song, split into two halves.  Part I starts off with a pulsating saw-like grind that treads PE territory.  Underneath the slicing electronics comes a wave of Dark Ambient inspired pads; that glide seamlessly into Part II.

Here, one monotone pulse guides the listener amongst a machine droned backdrop; and the end result is a surprisingly pleasant hypnotic journey.

Overall, this will be a welcome change of tack for Xotox fans and indeed listeners within the DA scene.  I am more than intrigued as to what Davids could conjure up, should he be given the opportunity to produce a full-length of this ilk.


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