SVARTE GREINER: Moss Garden LP/CD Miasmah Recordings

SVARTE GREINER: Moss Garden   LP/CD   Miasmah Recordings

Three years on from his last album ‘Black Tie’, Erik K Skodvin returns from where he left off with two lengthy slabs of Dark Ambient in the form of ‘Moss Garden’.

Pulsating undercurrents of bass ascend slowly as the foundations to high range drones, air breathing pads and spatial bombardment.  A metamorphosis of sound evolves throughout this engaging release; that requires (as is the norm with this genre) the listeners’ undivided attention.

Whilst not being the most accomplished example of work in this territory, Svarte Greiner possesses the ability to shift through the mandatory basics, to great effect.  A sense of weightlessness is the dizzy counterpart, to much of the rich oppression that the low-end resonating hums churn out relentlessly; and all in all this ticks all the boxes for any self-respecting DE fanatic, even if just missing a few next level sparks of inspiration.



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