PHILIPPE LAUZIER: A Pond in my Living Room CD Sofa Music

PHILIPPE LAUZIER: A Pond in my Living Room   CD   Sofa Music

Lauzier’s second full-length album is a sequential exploration into drones obscure noises, created with a variety of instrumentation, such as horns and bells and whatnot.

Reading in the blurb that he has provided sound installations is of no surprise whatsoever.  The haphazard and nonsensical nature of the release fits in well with the ethos of art taking precedence over music; unfortunately though, it’s a format I don’t appreciate.

For the most part, this album feels jumbled and unorganised, with out-of-key notes flying in from all angles haphazardly; like a series of never ending tuning forks, which slowly over the course of this release, drives you utterly bonkers.

I am sure there is a limited market for this piece of work; but for me, as an avid lover of Drone as a genre, I was surprised to find nothing I could sink my teeth into.


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