MARCUS FJELLSTRÖM: Skelektikon LP/CD Miasmah Recordings

MARCUS FJELLSTRÖM: Skelektikon   LP/CD   Miasmah Recordings

Six years on from his last album, Marcus returns once again with a layered and tense release that surges forward with a sense of the bombastic.

Over the course of ten tracks, the listener is taken on a bizarre and disturbing interpretation of a nightmare-made-music.  For some (and indeed for me), this feels like a more tuneful interpretation of Nurse With Wound; and ‘Skelektikon’ carries much of NWW’s bizarre obscurities, whilst thundering harmonies home with machine-like precision.

This is by no means an easy listen, but does pause for breath every so often as not to overburden the listener; and key moments such as ‘Aunchron’ serve to steady the heart and regain composure.

Overall, this latest piece of work signifies an artist at the top of his game; who is able to compile unimaginable horror alongside beautiful interludes of light and expression to great effect.


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