JIM DENLEY: Cut Air CD Sofa Music

JIM DENLEY: Cut Air     CD   Sofa Music

Taking a globalist approach as the concept to his latest album, Australia’s Denley; has taken on board a variety of acoustic instrumentation to produce here, an organic sounding release that crosses ethnicity.

Bamboo from Papa New Guinea, vibrating guitars and field recordings; play alongside his trademark flute, producing a tribal-like affair that is lightly brushed with the percussive elements.  It’s not entirely my cup of tea, but I can visualise what he has tried to achieve on this lengthy two-tracker.

As a blend of tones and sounds this does achieve a great deal, with the title track being drone based; as opposed to its counterpart being a tad messy with its experimentalism.  These two halves providing a duality for a couple of listening bases, that is interesting in one element for one or the other.

Overall, this has obviously taken a bit of work to accomplish; and the effort displayed has to be applauded in its own right, even if it won’t set the world alight.


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