S S S S: Just Dead Stars for Dead Eyes LP Hallow Ground

S S S S: Just Dead Stars for Dead Eyes       LP    Hallow Ground

Two lengthy tracks make up this album of ambient noise from Swiss producer Samuel Savenburg; produced over a two week long artists residency at Lucerne’s ‘Sudpol’ in the summer of 2015.

‘Pt1’ draws on an engaging array of harmonic, emotive synth and pad structures that rise from a bed of harsh electronics.  Mid-way through the blisters soar upward; leaving the listener floating amongst clouds of spatial drifts, that is occasionally interrupted by the storm below.

‘Pt2’ is an altogether noisier affair, more akin to some of the output from PE artists.  This does have its moments of tension amongst the oppressive rumbles; with some genuine cinematic interruptions, that are more than welcome once things become a trifle overwhelming (due to the length of the track).

Overall, this is a decent affair that should appeal mainly to fans of genuine Industrial music, Dark Ambient and Power Electronics; showcasing a competent feel for all these genres, with flair.


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