PATTERN BEHAVIOUR: Omens     DL  Crime League

From the duo behind Snowbeasts comes the latest album from Pattern Behaviour; bringing together their first two EP’s which have here, undergone a touch of expansion.

The opening title track portrays the oncoming portent well; with its gradual ominous build of layered electronics, that have glitter with stabs of light amongst its ever-present darkness.  ‘Parasomnia’ drips with intermission tension, alongside ‘World’s Apart’; leading to the throbbing bass and soundtrack aura of ‘Conduit’.

There’s nothing over intricate or indeed overstated to Pattern Behaviour’s work; and in this instance it’s a welcome change from the many electronic albums out there that focus solely on complexity, rather than atmospherics.   Touching on Sci-Fi that teases with Pop sensibilities, ‘Omens’ satisfies a space where background music fills out a room in which to divulge in other interests.

Whilst not having that one hit to latch onto, this latest collection has the essential knack of killing those lonely silences; when you just want some essential space and solace to think things through, without any overt interference.


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