MIWON: Jigsawtooth LP/CD N5MD

MIWON: Jigsawtooth      LP/CD    N5MD

Balancing complex patterns with an immediacy of harmony, ‘Jigsawtooth’ provides an instantaneous hit.  I appreciate the no-holds-barred level of entry, with no build, nor drifting around on a lengthy intro; and when Miwon leaps straight into pitter-patter beats and the fluttering emotive electronics of ‘Fuzzy Words, it’s an all welcome refreshing approach to a full-length release.

It is be all too easy to band about lazy terminology such as Ambient, or indeed IDM; but it is, in all its unchained glory.  The occasional use of Disco synth and 8-Bit rhythm splices, add to the jovial nature of this album; that manages to draw a sense of beauty whilst not taking itself too seriously.

With a warm full production, there is a sense of an in the same room as you, studio feel that feels inclusive and sharing; assisting the listener in being receptive to all the subtle changes and fluctuations of timbre that scatter trough the speakers.

Altogether, this is an impressive return from Miwon; and whilst not revelling in the grandiose spectrum of the genre, the balance and shift of power between evocative and playful, provides a necessary lift emotionally when it matters most.



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