SATOSHI TAKEISHI: Premonition DL Clang

SATOSHI TAKEISHI: Premonition   DL    Clang

Japanese-born Takeishi has over 30 years experience in producing experimental music, which holds a candle to many a genre.  Utilising analogue and electronic instrumentation, the results have been somewhat varied and I wish the same could be said with this latest album; as there is little that shines throughout.

‘Prologue’ and ‘The Visitor’ provide a web of pulsating, yet pointless drones; and it isn’t until the simplistic keys of ‘Abandoned Shadow’ that we get anything resembling something of worth, that can be defined as actual music.

‘Glimpse of Silence’ is a patch of electronic nonsense as is the rest of the album.  Hums, bleeps and throwaway random self-indulgence that bears little worth, with even less to say about it.


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