ROUGGE: Cordes DL Rougge Production

ROUGGE: Cordes       DL     Rougge Production

Sometimes the best things come in small packages and this is non more evident than on this latest EP from Rougge.

Split into six ‘Fragments’, the opening intro of ‘Fragment 12’ is treated much in the same way as an ensemble’s warm up, to the first song proper, ‘Fragment 53’; providing a beautifully evocative structure, comprising of piano, strings and vocals reminiscent of Antony & the Johnsons.  ‘Fragment 45’, follows much in the same vein, albeit at a slower pace; and the rest of the EP follows suit with gusto.

‘Cordes’ is effective in keeping everything concise and compact, with a stunning attention to detail and genuine musicianship.  It borders on the criminal that this guy is just releasing this on download and not through some major classical label.

With a precise focus on pace and key, Rougge dances between the sombre and sublime, with an outstanding polished production and grace.


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