RELAY FOR DEATH: Natural Incapacity 2xCD The Helen Scarsdale Agency


RELAY FOR DEATH: Natural Incapacity     2xCD   The Helen Scarsdale Agency

Sisters, Rachal and Roxann Spikula, have provided here, two very long tracks over the course of two discs; that provide a sea of unending ambient noise from start to finish.

I am torn really, as in short bursts I do love noise as a genre; and really should lap this up.  But, whilst this album as a whole does have the foundation to build something great upon, there seems to be little else but the sound of factory with machines whirring and humming away.

Overall, this is actually fairly inoffensive; and ultimately this is its undoing.  As a whole it feels fairly lifeless, neither too noisy, nor ambient enough; and whilst sat lost all at sea, this draws zero provocation and ultimately does nothing for the listener.  It really needs some screaming, shouty vocals.

The worst crime of all is that this requires little talent to produce.  Get yourself a tape recorder and a friend in a factory; and you too can produce over two hours of pointless droning noise just like the Spikula twins.


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