LOESS: Pocosin      LP/CD    N5MD

The gloriously downtempo ‘Petrel’ opens up this latest album from the well-respected duo of Clay Emerson and Ian Pullman; where harmonies dance and flutter in glass-like transparency, alongside warm, subtle bass pads.

‘Kype’ moves forward in a more traditional IDM vein; flowing gracefully into the sparse and staggered, ‘Straie’.  A song that has pulls on emotions with a genuine yearning and desperation; that leads up to the barely evident intermission of ‘17p132’.

The second half of ‘Pocosin’ covers much of the same ground as the former.  As with most Loess releases, there is little to actually surprise the listener, relying on just what they do best.  Intricate electronics that probe, poke and prod, as opposed to grabbing your attention by force; and it is a formula that has served them well throughout their tenure.

What I do love about this latest album; is the use of off-key notes that bed and distort before fading away into clouds of foggy introspection.  The end result being another impressive release to add to their personal catalogue; and another quality driven episode in the cult of n5MD, that will simply not disappoint.



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